HGPT is equipped with fully computerised design department. It has highly efficient, hardworking and talented design engineers with a comprehensive understanding of design processes and also manufacturing and construction methods. The design engineers are experienced in all the design stages, including research, development and manufacture right through to installation and final commissioning. They possess a good team spirit, deadline orientated and having the ability to produce detailed output from client requirements. They have comprehensive understanding of engineering and design principles.The Engineering team has three set ups, namely in:

Malaysia : The Engineering team in its head quarter in Malaysia mostly deals with civil works and the site related engineering procedures for Malaysian and PNG projects. It deals directly with the Indian design office and client correspondence and relationship.

Bangladesh: The Engineering team in Dhaka, Bangladesh takes care of all the Bangladesh projects, starting from tendering, design, construction to line commissioning.

India : The Engineering team in India does all the structural engineering, their design, development of structural drawings, fabrication drawings and their Bill of Materials.